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New Health and Trait Markers

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When will new breeds be added to the reports? Is it with this health marker upgrade?

This upgrade will just include new health markers, no new breeds. We are working to add more breeds to our reports this year, please stay tuned!

I thought report updates are free, why do new health and trait markers cost a fee?

The report update for new breeds will always be free, but the new health and trait marker panel requires additional testing. Because our lab must spend more time and resources processing your cat's sample, the upgrade will come at a small additional

Are all samples eligible to upgrade to include health markers?

No, fur samples will need to be replaced with a new oral swab sample kit.

Will my cats' reports' design look different in this 2022 update even if I don't upgrade?

TBD - Our first priority will be delivering results to those who don't already have them. We will then upgrade reports for those who decide to purchase this upgrade when they become available in the next few weeks or so. Once we've collected the upgr

Why would more markers for the same disease be beneficial?

Genetic diseases and physical traits can be associated with a single genetic variant or multiple variants. Unlike Basepaws competitors, our updated health and traits marker panel aims to include all known variants associated with different traits and