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Is my CatKit order lost in the mail?Updated 2 months ago

Thank you for purchasing a Basepaws test kit! We're thrilled that you are joining us in learning more about our little feline companions. The following section applies to orders placed on Please see this article if you are looking for information about your cat's sample's journey on its way to our laboratory.

We typically ship within 24-48 business hours of order placement, and once the order has been shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. 

USPS does a great job of getting the kits in your hands (paws?) within 3-5 business days in the US with First-Class Mail, and around 10-14 business days to Canada. U.S. customers are covered by free return shipping!

If your order is marked as "Delivered" by USPS, but it is nowhere to be found, please contact your local USPS for more information or wait 2-3 days to see if it does get delivered. The package is likely still to be delivered within the next 2-3 days after this notice. Please contact our customer experience team at [email protected] for assistance in receiving a copy of the package's shipping label to inquire with USPS.

If you've made an error in the delivery address and your order is being shipped to the wrong address, or if the order has been delivered to the wrong address, we can offer a $15 replacement per test to cover domestic shipping and the cost of materials.

Please note that we will resend an order after 30 days of the last scan in the tracking history, as this is when USPS will deem a package to be "lost."

If your order has been marked as "Delivered" by USPS for 90+ days, we can no longer track the order; therefore, Basepaws is no longer responsible for the package going missing in transit, so it will be up to the cat parent to decide to purchase a $15 replacement per kit ($15 domestically, ~$20+ internationally) or to receive a refund for the order instead.

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