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Is my pet's sample lost in the mail?Updated 2 months ago

Not at all! 9 out of 10 samples that are assumed to be lost eventually do arrive. As long as you registered your Basepaws CatKit barcode online, we will notify you the moment the sample is scanned into our laboratory. 

If you took note of the USPS tracking number from the side of the box, you may see a slight delay from the stated delivery time and the time it takes for us to scan the sample into our laboratory. We receive shipments throughout each week, but we scan samples into our laboratory about once or twice per week. Your account portal will also show when the sample has been scanned in, and we will send you an email as well!

Please note that Business Reply Mail takes longer than Priority Express Mail. Depending on where and when you purchased your kit will determine this type of shipping. See this article for more information on domestic shipping within the United States:

If you purchased your kit this year from our website directly, we will have the return tracking number on hand. If you did not take note of the tracking number on the box, you may reach out to us at [email protected], and our customer experience team will gladly provide this for you.

Our policy for replacement kits for lost samples is to allow 45+ days for USPS to deliver Priority Express Mail, and we must allow 75+ days for USPS to deliver Business Reply Mail.

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