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Which updates are included in the Breed + Health DNA test for Cats?Updated 5 months ago

Please keep in mind that this information is currently only relevant for Basepaws Breed + Health Tests for Cats:

Included: Breeds

The Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Tests come with free breed updates for life as we add more breeds to our reports, and as we add more pedigree samples to our database. Basepaws currently tests for 21 breed types and 4 breed regions as of July 2022. There are over 60 known breeds at this time, so we will continue to research more pedigree pets to increase the number of breeds included in the results over time.

This means that our reports are living documents! They will update with each new breed addition over time as we continue researching and developing. These will be added to your report at no additional cost, and we will notify every pet parent by email when their pet's report has been updated with new breeds.

Our current list of breeds can be found here:

Not included: Health Markers

Please keep in mind that Whole Genome Sequencing customers will continue to receive health marker updates to their cats' reports. 

For our standard Breed + Health DNA Tests for cats, Basepaws has created a new set of health markers and a brand new trait marker panel, which is now included with every test sold from after November 2021. If you've placed your order with us since then, your cat's test will be completely up to date with all new health and trait markers!

See the list of Basepaws' expanded set of markers here at this link:

For those whose samples we have already processed prior to this upgrade announcement, we are offering a discounted DNA test to re-test your cat, so we can run the sample for these new markers. 

Obtaining this data for new markers means that we must process brand-new samples to ensure that the DNA quality is high enough for all of these markers. Please contact our customer service team at [email protected] to coordinate a test upgrade for new markers.

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