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Will this test confirm that my cat is pedigree?Updated 10 days ago

Our breed testing is mainly geared towards mixed-breed, non-pedigree, domestic cats to determine the breeds that your cat is most similar to genetically. Please know that we are NOT a breed verification test, so we do not determine pedigree (or purebred) status, and some breeders may mistake our breed test for confirmation of their pet’s pedigree. 

The feline report we offer allows you to see the breed breakdown within groups (Western, Eastern, Exotic, and Persian), and the likelihood of breed similarity. The list of breeds that we test for can be found here:

The majority of the cats in the world are not pedigreed nor do they have an ancestor that’s pedigreed. We must stress that our genomic similarity analysis does not necessarily mean that there was a pedigreed cat in your cat’s ancestry.

Please read up on the concept of genetic similarity versus ancestry here in our blogs:

Even for breeds included in our database, a pedigree cat may not show up with 100% similarity. This is because our test will compare your cat's genetic sequence to the genetic average of each of the breeds that we test for. Many cat breeds have overlapping genetic sections of their DNA sequences, so our analysis may show more than one breed or breed group due to these overlapping genes. It is NOT meant to confirm pedigree, it is meant to compare your cat's genes with those of known breeds.

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