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Can you prioritize my cat's sample?Updated 2 months ago

The whole process will inevitably take 4-6 weeks from the time we receive the sample at our lab. In a perfect world, it may take 3.5 weeks at a minimum.

When we receive samples at our laboratory, they often arrive in batches, sometimes hundreds at a time. When receiving these kits, we scan each of them into our laboratory all on the same day, so we scan them one by one and place them in a queue for DNA extraction.

Whether the sample is first in line on that day or last in line does not make a difference, as those samples will all be processed at the same rate. We cannot prioritize one sample over another, we will always process the samples by order of arrival. Samples arrive at our facilities nearly every day, some of which may or may not be replacements, but we cannot differentiate a replacement from an original sample at this step.

We prioritize samples based on their first date of sequencing; for efficiency both in our lab and in the sequencing facility, we need to send samples in batches. Since we need to wait until we have enough samples to fill a batch, we cannot prioritize single samples or send them out on their own.

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