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How is Basepaws different from other genetic tests?

Most other genetic tests screen only for “what is already known” and then discard the sample. As new genes and traits are discovered, a new DNA sample would need to be collected again for each new testing process. Unlike our competitors, Basepaws seq

How do I collect a proper sample from my cat?

Ideally, we want the swab in your cat's mouth for 5-10 seconds, or even more, but we understand that cats can have a hard time cooperating. In most cases, we can still reliably obtain good quality DNA if the swab is in the cat’s mouth for as little a

What's included in a Basepaws CatKit?

Each Basepaws CatKit includes a single, sterile cheek swab with stabilizing liquid, a biohazard specimen bag, detailed instructions on sample collection, and prepaid packaging for easy return shipping of your cat's sample (USA orders only). And final

Why would I buy a Basepaws test?

Home-based, health-focused genetic testing is important now more than ever. DNA information opens up a new world of knowledge, health, personality, and additional bonding for you and your cat. It’s simply a must for any cat owner who wishes to create

How do I swab my cat's mouth? (video)

Please watch this short video starring Hosico Cat to see how a proper swab sample is collected.

What are genetic markers?

The Basepaws Breed + Health DNA test screens for 115 genetic markers – 50 genetic trait markers and 65 genetic health markers – which reside in unique regions of a cat’s DNA. If we think of DNA as a long road, then genetic markers are the signposts a

Do you have a Sample DNA Report?

Absolutely! Our sample report can be accessed here at this link: