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Why should I buy a Basepaws test?

Thank you for being here, we're so glad that you would like to learn more about Basepaws!. Home-based, health-focused genetic testing is important now more than ever. DNA information opens up a new world of knowledge, health, personality, and additio

How do I collect a proper sample from my cat?

See this short video starring Hosico Cat to see how a proper swab sample is collected. For proper sample collection, swab your cat's inner cheeks, gums, and/or tongue, and make contact on all sides of the swab for at least 5-10 seconds. Also, make su

What's included in a Basepaws CatKit?

Each Basepaws CatKit includes a single, sterile cheek swab with stabilizing liquid, a biohazard specimen bag, and detailed instructions inside the box for proper sample collection. If the biohazard specimen bag is missing, you can simply use a plasti

What are genetic markers?

The Basepaws Breed + Health DNA test screens for 114 genetic markers – 50 genetic trait markers and 64 genetic health markers – which reside in unique regions of a cat’s DNA. If we think of DNA as a long road, then genetic markers are the signposts a

Can I see an example of the DNA Report?

Of course! Click this link to view an example of the Basepaws Cat Breed + Health DNA report for pet parents