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Accounts and Registration

Where do I find my pet's report?

You will find your Basepaws report within your Basepaws account! Upon registering your pet's sample online, you will receive email updates throughout the process. We will notify you by email as soon as the report is posted to this account!. The whole

I forgot to register! What do i do?

Don’t panic, it’s not cat-astrophic!. We may be able to locate your kit registration (barcode) ID.  Please email our trusted customer experience team at [email protected] with your name, your pet's name, your return address, and your order number.

I just logged in and see a button called Phenotype Survey, what is this?

The Basepaws Phenotype Survey is all about the physical traits of your pets, also known as the Phenotype. This survey is crucial to helping us learn more about the unknown parts of the genetic code. When your pet's genetic code is paired with its phy

I can't log into my account, what should I do?

If you have already created a account with us, please try logging in at If your password doesn't seem to be working, please first double-check the email address associated with your account. The email and password

How can I send my pet's report to my veterinarian?

Please note: This feature is only available for cat reports at the moment. We are currently developing a share button for dog DNA reports. There is a special feature inside your account portal to send your cat's DNA health results direct

Do I use the same account for my dogs that I used for my cats?

Yes, both types of samples should be registered under one overall Basepaws account, which you can access at Just make sure to add a pet profile first, and then register the sample ID before sending back the kit. Please keep tra