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I forgot to register! What do i do?Updated 2 months ago

Don’t panic, it’s not cat-astrophic!

We may be able to locate your kit registration (barcode) ID.  Please email our trusted customer experience team at [email protected] with your name, your pet's name, your return address, and your order number.  In most cases for orders placed through directly, we will have the barcode ID that was assigned to your order during fulfillment.   

If your purchase was through a third-party retailer such as Chewy, Walmart or Amazon (sold by Basepaws as the authorized seller only), we can only identify your sample by identifying one or more of the following pieces of information on the box:

1. Your pet's name (ideally on the inside flap where there is a spot to write it)

2. Your name or your return address on the shipping label

3. The return tracking number from the kit if you took note of it before shipping the sample back.

If your unregistered sample cannot be identified at our laboratory, you may be eligible to purchase a replacement for $15 for U.S. citizens; for international pet parents, it will be $15 USD plus international shipping. 

Please note that samples registered after its arrival at our laboratory may experience a slight lag time in report delivery.

You will be required to show proof of payment if you need to purchase a replacement kit for an unregistered sample. 

The good news is that, regardless, you will not need to buy a new test entirely. 

If you find out that you sent us an unregistered kit, please DO NOT purchase a second kit for the same pet before contacting Basepaws customer experience at [email protected]. We would love to help you find your kit!

If you believe you are not receiving email responses from our team, please make sure to check your spam folders and that your email inbox is not full before emailing us again. We also recommend adding a phone number to your Basepaws account so that we can call or text you instead. We always reply to inquiries from fellow pet parents one way or another.

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