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I just got my kit- what do I do now?Updated 11 days ago

Now that you have your pet's test kit in hand, please read the following instructions carefully:

1. Create a Basepaws account at

2. Add a pet profile

3. Register the kit's barcode ID number to the existing pet profile

4. Swab your pet's mouth! Here is a link to some tips and tricks:

5. Place the end of the swab head into the purple stabilizing liquid, screw the tube shut; place the sample tube in the specimen bag (or any other plastic baggie).

6. Write your pet's name on the inside flap of the kit

7. For U.S. customers, please write your name and address on the top left corner of the shipping label, and drop off the kit at any blue USPS bin or location. Return shipping is prepaid within the U.S.

7a. For International customers, you will need to pay for return shipping. The label that comes on each box is only valid within the United States. Please read this article thoroughly for instructions:

8. Please keep an eye on your email inbox for a notification when your pet's results are ready for viewing within your account.

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