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Why should I buy a feline Basepaws DNA test?Updated 4 months ago

Thank you for being here, we're so glad that you would like to learn more about Basepaws!

Home-based, health-focused genetic testing is important now more than ever. DNA information opens up a new world of knowledge, health, personality, and additional bonding for you and your pet. The Basepaws DNA Breed + Health Test is simply a must for any pet owner who wishes to create a stronger human-animal bond, receive actionable insights about genetic disease markers, and support the health of pets everywhere through genetic research. 

See our sample DNA report here!

Our flagship Breed + Health DNA test is an affordable, painless, and non-invasive tool to gather information about your pet's genetic health. These results allow you to take appropriate measures when collaborating with your veterinarian on proactive health care for your pet.

While some of our competitors may currently have a larger breed database, we have more health markers that we test for. Please visit this link to find the list of all of the genetic conditions and traits that we now test for, this is really key to having confidence that we are doing everything we can to address our feline and canine companions' health and happiness.

Additionally, we've developed a critical tool for cat parents to help identify the top 3 most common oral diseases in pets with our Oral Health Test: Periodontal Disease, Tooth Resorption, and Halitosis.

Often, these diseases can remain unnoticed before the problem begins to influence other parts of the body and your pet's overall health. The oral microbiome can help us understand our pets' health to take preventative measures before the disease(s) can spread. See this section of our Help Center on our Oral Health Test for more information. We are working on an Oral Health test for dogs, so please stay tuned for updates!

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