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Can you prioritize my pet's sample?Updated 5 months ago

The whole process will typically take 4-6 weeks from the time we receive the sample at our lab. When we receive samples at our laboratory, they often arrive in batches, often hundreds at a time. When receiving these kits, we scan them all into our laboratory on that same day if possible, though occasionally some are scanned in the next day. While being scanned in, they are placed in a queue for extraction.

A sample that is first in line on that day or last in line will be processed at the same time. Because of the sheer volume, we cannot prioritize one sample over another, as we must process samples by order of arrival. Samples arrive at our facilities and USPS mailbox nearly every day, some of which may or may not be replacements. We cannot differentiate a replacement from an original sample at this step because of the volume of samples received at this stage of the process.

For efficiency both in our lab and in the sequencing facility, we need to send samples in batches. Since we need to wait until we have enough samples to fill a batch, we cannot prioritize single samples or send them out on their own.

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