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How long are the test kits viable?Updated 3 months ago

Basepaws test kits remain viable for about 2 years unopened and 1 year after the sample is taken from the pet. The expiration date on the kit is usually only an indicator of when the purple liquid in the test tube has disintegrated. If there is still enough liquid to fully submerge the tube into the stabilizing liquid, feel free to send in a sample and we will let you know if the sample happens to be insufficient.

Concerns about temperature during shipping: 

After many years of shipping out our test kits, we've never experienced higher failure rates for pet samples in the summertime versus the winter or cooler months. The temperature range indication on the test kit refers to long-term storage. 

Our team will run many quality checks while processing the sample, so we will notify you by email if there is any quality issue with the sample!

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