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How long does the test kit last?Updated 3 months ago

Each Basepaws test kit states an expiration date of about two years after your purchase. This date will only be relevant if the purple liquid in the test tube has disintegrated to less than about a centimeter deep. You can send in an "expired" kit if it has plenty of liquid in the vial, we will let you know if it happens to have any quality issues! We offer free replacement kits if the sample is not viable. International customers are still required to pay for return shipping of free replacement kits.

Once the swab is used and a sample has been taken from your pet, the sample itself will remain viable for up to a year.

You are welcome to purchase a $15 replacement kit if your test kit has expired and does not have enough purple liquid in the test tube. Please contact our team at [email protected] with your original kit ID number to proceed with an invoice for a replacement kit.

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