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What is the Basepaws Oral Health Test?Updated 3 months ago

The Basepaws Oral Health Test is an at-home swab test for pets and is the first screening tool of its kind that lets you "see the unseen." This test comes free with the purchase of a Basepaws Breed + Health Test for cats.

This test analyzes 1,000+ microbes in your cat's mouth to identify active signs of the 3 most common dental diseases in cats: bad breath, tooth resorption, and periodontal disease. This knowledge of the state of your cat's mouth can help you give them the care and relief they may need.

At any given time, the types and quantities of certain microbes in your pet’s mouth are indicators of their risk for having one of these three oral health diseases.

The Basepaws Oral Health test lets you know what's going on in your pet’s mouth—giving you the chance to make empowered, proactive decisions and get ahead of dental conditions before they become advanced. 

The state of your pet's oral health has proven to be a good indicator of their risk for developing other diseases. For example, a high risk of having periodontal disease is associated with an increased risk of developing chronic kidney disease. So, the sooner you know about such risks, the sooner you can work with your veterinarian to support your pet’s health by addressing them.

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