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Oral Health Test for Cats


What is the Basepaws Oral Health Test?

The Basepaws Oral Health Test is an at-home swab test for pets and is the first screening tool of its kind that lets you "see the unseen.". This test analyzes 1,000+ microbes in your cat's mouth to identify active signs of the 3 most common dental di

How do I know if an Oral Health Test is right for my pet?

Even if your pet seems to demonstrate no signs of oral health conditions, we can still identify microbes that increase the risk for these conditions that can otherwise be easily overlooked. It’s time to check your pet’s oral microbiome profile if he

What is included in the Oral Health Test?

The Basepaws Oral Health Test is a basic swab sample, and it comes in the same type of box as the DNA kit. They are the same type of swab sample for both tests, so each Basepaws Breed + Health Test now comes with a free Oral Health report. This test