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Why does the dog report look different than the cat report?Updated 3 months ago

We will be transitioning our cat reports to the new look soon. Part of the reason why we decided to change the way we report on breed genomic similarity, in particular, is that the percentage breakdown representation of results is often misunderstood by pet parents. 

Time and time again, we experience and hear of misinterpretations from pet parents that their pet is x% breed A and y% breed B, automatically assuming that their pet is the result of mating of purebred pets. It is equally plausible (many times even more plausible) that the pet is a mutt who shares genomic similarity with certain breeds, simply because they had a common ancestor at some point before the particular breed was even established. 

We believe that presenting our results in the form of a breed genomic similarity score is less prone to misinterpretation, and ultimately, will help give a clearer picture of the relevant information for your individual pet.

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