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What is included in the dog DNA test?

The Basepaws Canine DNA Test checks over 280+ health markers, 30+ trait markers, and 300+ dog breeds. You will receive a kit containing a single, sterile cheek swab with stabilizing liquid, a biohazard specimen bag, and detailed instructions inside t

How long does the test take?

DNA sample processing takes 4-6 weeks once the sample is scanned into our lab. This means that the clock starts once the sample is in the hands of our lab team, and we will notify you by email as soon as the results are posted to your ac

Why does the dog report look different than the cat report?

We will be transitioning our cat reports to the new look soon. Part of the reason why we decided to change the way we report on breed genomic similarity, in particular, is that the percentage breakdown representation of results is often misunderstood