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Where is the Vet Portal?

The Basepaws Vet Portal no longer accepts new sample registrations. We will send all outstanding results to the email address previously associated with your Vet Portal. If you need a copy of a report for previously submitted tests, please email vet@

Is there a product for Veterinarians?

Veterinary professionals can recommend our consumer kit to their clients, who can then share their results with their veterinarians. This kit, while not tailored exclusively for veterinary purposes, offers comprehensive health insights that can be in

Is there a discount for veterinary professionals buying Basepaws tests in bulk? How do I buy?

We offer exclusive pricing on 10 packs of dog or cat kits to veterinary professionals. To purchase Basepaws tests, please visit our website at this link.

How do I receive assistance with DNA and Oral Microbiome interpretation?

Veterinary practices can email [email protected] for assistance interpreting results and additional information.

Why did I receive a Basepaws report from my client?

Veterinary practices receive a Basepaws report when one of their clients chooses to share their results with their veterinarian. You can download this report, attach it to the pet’s medical record, and recommend follow-up measures based on your exper

Why is the “share with vet” cat report different from the dog one?

Veterinarians receive a custom dog report tailored to clinical interpretation. We will be transitioning our cat reports to this new format soon.

How can veterinary professionals offer feedback to improve the “share with vet” functionality?

We’d love to hear from you! Please complete this short survey; you can leave a detailed note on the last question.

How do I unsubscribe from Basepaws “Share with Vet” emails?

If you no longer wish to receive Basepaws reports from any of your clients, please email [email protected].

I received a Basepaws report from my client but I can’t view the results, help?

Please forward the email to [email protected] and briefly describe the issue you’re experiencing. We’ll get back to you within 48 business hours!