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What is your refund policy?Updated 2 months ago

Returns: we do offer returns for purchased kits from directly. Please see this article for our return policies. If you placed your order through Amazon, please contact Amazon customer service to return your test for a refund. It will need to be fully sealed!

Results: If you are dissatisfied with your cat's results, please contact [email protected] for assistance. We urge you to read the sample report on our website before your purchase to see the breeds that we do and do not test for. We will not refund an order due to the lack of an assumed cat breed that we do not yet test for. Our breed reports are updated for life, so they may eventually include the breed in question.

Price matching seasonal discounts: We will price match orders up to 14 days after your purchase directly through We cannot submit partial refunds 14 or more days after your purchase if a new discount or promotion is posted on our website.

Insufficient Samples: If you are requesting a refund for any missing part of the report, we will refund the percentage of the report that cannot be generated. It is not uncommon for some reports to come back partially complete due to an insufficient DNA sample, though Basepaws offers free replacement kits to finalize the missing pieces.

It is the customer's responsibility to provide a proper DNA sample. We do the very best we can to obtain all of the necessary DNA data about your cat and we run several quality checks throughout the entire process to ensure that we can sequence and analyze the sample.

As of November 2021, we test for 21 breeds, 43 genetic disorders that are represented by 64 health markers, and 25 genetic traits that are represented by 50 genetic markers.

If one of the portions of the test cannot be completed, we offer a free replacement kit, but if you decline to use the replacement, we can only refund the percentage of the results that could not be completed.

Any refunds for Amazon orders will be handled within your Amazon account portal. 

Refunds can only be given to the original purchaser of the test, we do not authorize sales from unauthorized resellers. More information on our policies regarding unauthorized resales can be found here at this link.

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