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What is your return policy?Updated 2 months ago

Order Returns

If you decide to return one or more kits from your order, please contact our customer service team at [email protected] to let us know that you will be returning the order.

Basepaws will only accept returns for test kits that have been unopened from the original plastic wrapping encasing the kit, only for orders placed through directly.

Please keep your package and test kits intact if you intend to return them. We do not accept kits that have been taken out of their original clear, plastic shrink-wrap, as we cannot resell unsealed test kits. 

If you need to return a kit that has been taken out of the polybag that your order was shipped in, you will be required to cover return shipping. Once we receive the order back at our laboratory, we will submit the full refund for returned kits still in their original plastic wrapping.

If you purchased the wrong test, please send our team an email to [email protected] You may be eligible to pay the difference in price between the tests so that you can still use the same kit for the intended test! For example, if you purchase an Oral Test by mistake and wanted a DNA test, you would only pay the difference to upgrade the Oral Test to a complete DNA test, and our team will update the kit ID with the correct test type.


Orders are not eligible for a refund after 12 months of your purchase. Orders are not eligible for a free replacement from a missed delivery after 12 months of the stated delivery date of the order.

Please see this section of our Help Center for more information on refunds.

Merchandise orders

We do not offer exchanges on merchandise items, though we do offer replacements if the item happens to arrive damaged. Please let us know if this does happen and kindly send us a photo of the damaged item, we will order a replacement for you right away!


If a chargeback is submitted to your bank for your order, we will have to void the kit assigned to that order, so the sample will not be processed. We do not process any tests that have not been paid for. Therefore, if you would like to reinstate your cat's DNA test, and the chargeback has been ruled in your favor, you will be required to cover the chargeback fee, which is typically about $15 USD.

If you submit a chargeback after receiving your pet's test, we will void the test and you will no longer have access to the results until the chargeback is resolved. We would really rather sort out the issue together than take this route. If you have a problem with your order, please do contact us first before submitting a chargeback!


If your test kit is purchased from Amazon, please contact Amazon customer service to return your test kit back to their warehouse. Any refunds for Amazon orders will be handled within your Amazon account portal.

Unauthorized Resold Tests

Please see the section "Where can I buy a Basepaws test?" for our policies regarding unauthorized resold tests.

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